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I hurt myself. - text


My name's Daniel, I'm 28 and I'm a self harmer
What I'm telling you is real, not just another way to sell drama
Not doing this for karma, tearing, throwing off my armour
There, I'm showing off my scars, I'm bare, I hope I've not alarmed you
The way I retaliate to aggravation and stress
is to smack myself in the face til my sad face is a mess
Scream my fcking lungs out, Gasp, taking a breath
Hit the right pitch, the sound of glass breaking is bliss
but I can't smash the mirror, I'm afraid of broken glass
so I punch the face I see in it, my bones make an open gash
I need a healing potion fast, throw me in the ocean, splash
The lifeboat has capsized, we've no hope
and no man's an island, my contraband is anger, violence
Lower the flag, no aggro, please, I demand silence
Skull and crossbones, swollen cheekbones
Pull the trigger, reload
Pull the trigger, reload
See me overdose on friendly fire
No hope til I tote a broken nose and I can then retire
Look what you made me do
I feel ashamed of what I did now I've returned to clarity
Even though I only hit myself, still it hurt my family
All the things I hate about myself, they may be true or not
It doesn't matter when my face is battered blue and black with bruises
Don't know what abuse is, why I do this, I'm a loser,
a fggt four eyed freckle faced fucking waste of space, I've had it
I deserve to be damaged, it's a hurt I can manage
I can take physical pain, it's the words that are savage
My nerves are just ravaged, a small disturbance is all but certain
to cause turbulence and of course they urge me to panic
I'm scared of blood but never backed down from a brawl
Stand up for myself, never sat down on the wall
I'll go toe to toe until I'm passed out on the floor
One of us is going to hospital, that's how much I'm raw
Look what you made me do

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Video přidala Marketa333

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