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Under an Ancient Sun - text


Little whispers behind closed doors
Speaking of war and the coming of storms
The end again is the prophesies were told,
But there’s one that shall rise as the story unfolds
Following some soldiers reunite as they fight
in the night and die in the morning light
But they say that the day will come,
when a warrior will rise under an ancient sun

Our salvation, not in heaven,
look to the storm and eyes on the sea
This path was written by the people
from before us, stood hand in hand in the center of a war
Days passed, no sign of the savior,
and now our time is short, the poisonous time gains us
With a feeling that it’s all been said before,
well there’s an edge to be born a hero to a sword

Run faraway, you’ll get away,
it’s like it’s somewhere deep in pain
Why can’t you face the golden way,
but where he goes you can’t say
There’s said to be a man who will push the sun nearer
A warrior will arise, under an ancient sun
Standing on the threshold it comes so unclearer
A legend he was born, under an ancient sun

Are we our fault? Are we our fault?
Tell me yes we’re wrong

Out from the fire, a red warrior walked
through the ancient sign of the Stone God
He knows its best, with the fate
it has been set with fear that inside sadness or regret
The heavens’ been alive with a thundering roar,
the mare rode us out to the eye of the storm

Sword cleaver, sun healer, salvation, here

For a moment, in the sack, he’s laying in the sun with a smile
He thinks of home while his heart is fading, he will dream for one
So tell your families that your safe, and the ones you love
Spread the word with a hero’s song
To the people far away, further words I’ve cried on this day
Spread the word of he hero’s number,
whether he brings the sun, and a legend lives on
Said to be the man who brings our solemn nearer,
and a warrior he rose, under and ancient sun
Standing on the threshold it comes so unclearer,
a legend was born, under an ancient sun
Said to be the man who brings the sun,
standing on the threshold, a legend was born
Under an ancient sun,
Under an ancient sun,
Under an ancient sun

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