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It's a quarter to nine
baby come back to bed
Take of those close
And rest your pretty head
I'll wispher you secret
Something I've never said
It's just a perfect day
To spend a lazy day in bed
Let the world rush on by
Let the tram howl scream
Come back here baby
It's just a bad dream
This ain't a working day
It's all in your head
Take off your clothes
Let's spend a lazy day in bed
Ah, ah, ah
Cause there's no hurry, put the world on hold
Forget all your worries today, baby
Don't care about tomorrow, come what may
Don't care what others might say
It's time-out, let's make it a perfect day
Such a beautiful day
Curtains dance in the wind
Curl up next to me
baby, Let's sleep in
Your already late
So baby what do you say
Get rid of those clothes
Let's spend a lazy day in bed
Get rid of those clothes
Lets spend a lazy day in bed

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