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Rachel, would it be alright if I stayed here in the car?
There's too many people out there I don't know
It's not that I'm too shy, I cannot be polite
I just don't feel confident in crowds
Cali you can do what you'd like, I'll probably be here awhile
I'll leave you my car keys in case you want to leave
Welcome to stay at my house, my parents will both be out
There's a blanket in the closet if you decide to sleep over
Rachel, I am sorry to call but I can't sleep at all
The closet's unfamiliar, your parents soon to be home
Cali there's a way you'll be calm, my closet door has a lock
I'll keep my window open so you can get in
Sometimes I wish you knew how I keep living for you
A friend is only a love you're not committed to

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