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Take a look at your TV screen,
It's a window bright and clean,
Another wife swapped,
What does it all mean?
Elder Brother you're never wrong,
Show weak people acting strong,
So I look outside,
To see the green.

Do you dream of drinking from the Grail?
That the truth is held within a tale,
And Arthur sleeps now, ready to return?
Do you know that Jack lives in the Green,
That things are never as they seem,
And life is more than the money that your earn.

Rhiannon rides her horse,
It's just a tale of course,
An old story,
Of times gone by.
But sit with me on this hill,
See how things become so still,
And who is that Lady,
Riding high?

Spring has come and have you seen,
The Morris dancers on the green?
Just a bit of fun,
To pass the days.
But there is magic in their dance,
The season's blessed and not by chance,
So I raise my glass,
To our Pagan Ways.

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