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In a tower on the western shore,
A woman cries in pain,
Outside a storm gathers,
As a soul is born again.
The wisdom of all the worlds,
Shines like the Sun from his eyes,
His Father a God of the Earth,
Holds his Mother in his arms as she dies.

Merlin am I, Merlin am I,
I know the secrets,
Of the land and the sky,
Land and the sky,
And you'll hear my voice,
In the eagle's cry,
Merlin am I.

A tower to the High King,
Comes crashing to the ground,
His Druids know the answer,
A sacrifice is found.
But the child sees deep in the Earth,
Two Dragons are stretching their wings,
Two tribes will fight for to claim this land,
Many die for the folly of Kings.

Listen little pig,
Little trembling one,
Under this blanket I find no repose.
Since the battle of Arderydd,
I no longer care,
If the sky falls,
Or the sea overflows.

The forest is calling him,
From a field soaked in blood,
Where hundreds lie dying,
All the people he loved,
Now he runs in the shadows,
And madness, the future reveals,
That the Island of Britain is Merlin's Isle,
And he lives here still.

Text přidal mikibull27

Video přidala WhiteCorco

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