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PArting should be painless - text


t's easy in the confidence of a warm heart
to observe how other lovers criticize
When their turn comes to part
They grow uncivilized
Wasn't friendship going to carry us
When love ran out?
Didn't we know
What respect was all about?
But now it would seem
That's all forgotten
(I didn't want it to end like this)
And I don't even know (I didn't want it to end)
When we lost the way
Oh no no no
Not me and you
Not we two
Oh no didn't we agree
Parting would be painless
I remember how in the safety of our love
We swore we'd never let that state arise
And if one had had enough
We would be civilized
By watching we could avoid
The same mistakes
We would tread the soft way out
For the other's sake
Can it be possible?
Is it happening this way?
We are the same two people
Tearing up in anger
Tearing everything in complicated knots
Not caring, not giving, not giving a damn

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