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Move better in the night - text


My time is wasting
feel I'm moving too slow
Can't get my pedal to the metal
But I'm ready to go.
Live in the fast lane
there's trouble ahead
better move over
you're a long time dead

I'm chasing rainbows
in the cold light of day
feels like I'm wasting
my lifetime away
Breaking the limits
bending the rules
can't stand standing still
but speed is for fools


I move better in the night
I won't stop til the day light
It makes me feel right
I move better in the night.
Out on the freeway
everybody pays
throw in my money
or I'm waiting for days.
I'm overheating
ready to burn
there's dirt on my wheels
but they're ready to turn.


Fender to fender
nose to tail
mind over matter
I just can't fail
lights going down
give me some more
come on I'm ready to roar


Text přidala Maribel

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