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After Midnight - text

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Summer, low-down under city lights
and the dress is way low-key
the hearts in the queue all beat in time
for as far as the eye can see

and even if it seems that they're drifting away
he is gripping her hand so tight
he takes a deep breath and he tries to say
that he's leaving her after midnight

flickering signs and the neon flames
all distract their riddled minds
and everyone smiles as they lose the sane
but she stops to check the time

and a tear rolls down as the seconds fall
and she's gripping his hand so tight
she takes a deep breath and she tries to say
"don't leave me here after midnight"

and her mother told her
"I was once like you,
it'll all be over
and it will seem too soon."

she's watching her sun go down
she's watching the stars burn out
after midnight.

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