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Medley - text


They have sent you a letter
To come back home to play
But to your dismay
This isn't your day
For the happy fun time
Has begun to fade
Watch as we reanimate
Our corpses you abandoned
We're dismantled
We're mishandled
But we won't be skipped and swayed

Welcome my friend
To a night in our circus world
We're looking for a technician
And you're just the guy we've heard of
We're held away by wiring now
We're wanting out
Can you shock us
Can you tame us
But we want your body now

Mama knows when
The darkness draws our demise
We've been through hell far
Too many times to deny
We want to lift the curse
But you'll do this first
Open up my box….

I was left behind
All this torture will unwind
I was never all that kind
If you were to rewind
Then you would find
I was left behind

Walk down the corridor
You shine your light
Trough the last night
You walk trough
This bloody floor
We follow
We greet
We wait
We repeat

Like an eternal eclipse
You shine
So make it rain

Move your hips to this beat
You can‘t stay on your seat

So make it rain

Build up our machine
You die tonight

Turn the final page
She‘s wathing you on stage

Lurk inside this torture chamber
Redelivering an extra danger
You will hide
But you won‘ be safer
Why did you do this to her
Now watch as we
Intoxicate your chances
Here and there and
Everywhere we command this
Darkened house
With multiple trances
Now you invaded their home
Will you leave alive

HEY HEY Come back here
I‘m not done with you
HEY HEY Stay right there
There‘s dying left to do
HEY HEY Come back here
I‘m not done with you
HEY HEY Stay right there
Your torture is overdue
Fear not dear young child
You will not be alone
Your heart will be
Stronger than stone

Die at the heels
Of the devil
Bless the souls
Of the rebels
Hope to god they burn alive
Befor we
Rip them up

In Five nights at freddy's three
I‘ll hunt you down
And you will see
You born alive
When you hit night five

I‘m lost in the dark

I‘m on the hunt
The gods have awoken
My hell fire inside
My core burns
The embers of time

How long can hope
Keep you on your seat
We follow
We greet
We wait
We repeat

I am aware
That your soul is now divine
We care to not toil
With unbroken chains
So don't toil with ours
Like he did to our shining stars
With the luck of a four clover
Trough the hills of apocalypse
What will we do
Let‘s form a crew
Let‘s bring this back to life
You saturate this whole place
With your magic fingertips
Like an eternal eclipse
You shine

Now Fight For the flag you wave
And fight for badge you wear
Your country needs
Your devoted pride
Now wave your honour high
The divide has broken tides
The demand has come to ask
For your guiding hands

I pray to god
I don‘t fall down
I hope to hell
I‘ve made it through
Otherwise this will
Be our last round

Ask for your guiding hands

We are the tortured
We're not your friends
(So make it right)
So long as we're not visible
We are unfixable

Having so much fun
We will never be done

I will not be moved
Let it go, just let it go
I will save my golden
Passage carved into the grave

You‘re all broken fools

Ask for your guiding hands

Fall into the hands of sorrow
Drawn by the darkest bay
Walk into the pit of silence
I am the one calling your name

Like an eternal eclipse

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