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[Trick Daddy]
Ta, told ya I was gone do it for ya nigga
Take off
Y'all know what time it is
Liberty City nigga, 6-1, Pokabean, Carol City niggas
Seminole niggas, Bal Harbour, Hialeah niggas, Matchbox
Wynnwood niggas, Richmond Heights, Homestead niggas,
Florida City niggas, Overtown niggas (OT), Coconut Grove niggas
South Miami niggas, Opa Locka niggas
Trick Daddy Dollars y'all, that's right
Verse 1: (Trick)
I push 'em daily, smoke 'em dirty, roll 'em heavy baby
Dipping corners, pulling bitches in old Chevy's baby
Dubs or better, candy's and leather
What you want nigga
Two do's, Fo' do's
We call 'em donk's nigga
Breaker breaker its Dade County on the number line
Seventy-one's, seventy-two's, three's, foe's, and five's
My verse is seven pounds
My shit be getting down
I got a seven
Trick ducking they can't catch me now
Trick Daddy Dollars y'all
I'm from the muthafuckin' city of Caprice's and Impala's
I'll holla dawg
??? the age, straight or shady
I still beat it baby
Married twice, five kids
I still eat it lady
Ain't no shit shady ??? till I see better days
Calico's and a.k.'s seem like the only way
??? bodacious boulders for yo shoulders
Got that fire
You want get hi' so want you come on over
Boy I'm a powder head
X-man, X-cons
I got the boys all way from Marathon to West Palm
Call me the butcher man
The cookie cook it man
I got a soft
You wanna hard
I guess I'll burn it then
(Trick Daddy Hook):
Trick Daddy Dollars y'all
I'm from the muthafuckin city of Caprice's and Impala's
I'll holla dawg
Verse 2: Trina
I like 'em rugged guns
Thugged, cold blooded nigga
Pinky ring blinging
And rollie platinum flooded nigga
Don't want no buster's either
You got to pay this diva
And if ya money ain't long nigga Ion't see ya
Cause I'm the baddest bitch
Ballin' with the baddest clique
I make ya money disappear like a magic trick
A classy chick but I can still get it, spit it, watch it
I keep the club jumping jumping like my girl Beyonce
Silen suits looking cute with the matching boots
I'm getting loochie ass juicy getting a passion fruit
You know my click, Deuce Poppie and my nigga Trick
The Lost Tribe, Tre-6 and we rolling thick
The diamond princess out the south can't nann ho fade it
I'ma first round draft pick
Y'all bitches getting traded
I'm triple X rated
Pussy stay soakin' wet
I set a nigga up quick for his coke and jet
(Trina Hook):
It's Miss Trina baby
I'm from the city where the bitches shakin' ass, gettin cash
Holla back ladies
[Trick Daddy]
New York niggas
DC niggas
Detroit niggas
Va niggas
Ga niggas
All around worldwide nigga
Verse 3: Deuce Poppito
I throw a bullet atcha like a Danny Marino floater
I'ma half a brick slanging, nutts swinging, weed roller
Bustin a blue 4-4 with the speed loader
How they go toe to toe with the 44 touter
Fo' show do
Room is full of pimps and thugs
Ghetto pharmacies with prescription drugs
Banging like Krypts and Bloods
We wiping slugs
Our enemies dripping blood
Workers at the graveyard late nite diggin mud
To prepare ya for ya pillow inside the box
When I ride the blocks I always hide my glocks
In the dash board next to my passport
In the double S I paid thirteen cash for
My name is Richard Nixon but they screaming Deuce Pop
With the one stop shop
Heroin, weed, and rocks
I feed the block
And ride the strio in a tinted drop
And I even met the niggas who invented rocks
I got the block game from the county of Dade
A bounty hunter won't rest till my bounty is paid
We got 200 hundred bricks coming from the direct link
I pray the God that boat carryin' that coke don't sink, what
(Deuce Hook):
It's Deuce Poppie nigga
I'm from the home of the chrome and the chopper triggers
Whassup, holla nigga

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