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N.A.T.G.O.D. - text


Sand blasted Sacrifice
Metal bones
Can not be broken

Toxic fumes begin
Raining for disaster
Succumbing to the failures
And killing in your name

Scour the land for the dead and wounded
In a halo at the centre of dawn
The ground slaved with the scars of battle
A war of a thousand fears

Ceramic blades cast down from ascension
Carving scars from the descent
Shrapnel of the collected massacre
Gut wrenched filled with discontent

There's no survival
This will be your last omission
There's no survival
A painless integration

A painless integration
Your wasted life
One last omission you are left with
No revival

The omniscient sentinel
Commanding down decrees
Only the weak and powerless
Forced into slavery

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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