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1. What’s your religion?
2. What’s your profession?
3. Who did you vote for, in the election?
4. When did you last work?
5. Have you any skills?
6. Are you on medication or taking any pills?
7. Have you ever stolen?
8. Have you ever lied?
9. List all your relatives and how they each died.
10. Are you a communist?
11. Are you a queer?
Now take a seat right over here.
12. Height?
13. Weight?
14. What’s you sex?
Stand over there. . . Who’s next?
15. What is your color?
16. What is your age?
17. Are you willing to fight in the war we wage?
18. How do you fell about animal rights
and vivisection or pitbull fights?
Piss in the jar, then go in that tent
where they shave your head and they fingerprint.
19. Now list all your friends and the connections.
20. Incurable diseases?
21. Contagious infections?
22. List all your debts.
23. Social security number?
24. Driver’s license?
25. Date of birth?
26. Checking account?
27. Credit cards?
28. Gross and net worth?
29. Annual income?
30. Monthly expenses?
Is this your current address?

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