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Kill the Words - text


Kill the author of the best seller
place a bounty upon his head
kill the writer of opposition
tell the hit squad I want that man dead

I want him dead
I want him dead

kill free speech as an example
hang the corpse for all to see
kill all hope of restitution
and all who dare oppose me

kill the words
kill the words

infidels, pagans and traitors
allah damns you for your blasphemy
your satanic verses
have earned you a death sentence
I am sworn to kill all who may disagree

all of you heathens and unbelievers
I won't even give you a chance to fight
I've got my men out there, waiting and stationed
ready to strike when the time is right

burn the stores that serve as outlets
they are all my enemy
kill all means of distribution
that make possible all their heresy

kill the words
kill the words

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