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Architect of Darkness - text


Recreant deeds
In lightless places
They pick my bones
And hide their faces
They pick my bones
And sing their praises

(With) no heart of our own
Still forced to take it
Into minds and onto hands
I set my seed at zero
I object to your demands

The dull ache of twisting space
Grinding teeth
Devouring mouths to mutter,
Words without grace
What lies beneath....
....The ocean of ideas?
Shame or repentance?
Curled up and ready to strike
Until the earth has perished

And once again,
Ready to create something like...
...You and I

Ritual re-enactment
In selfsame glory
Reliving life's every wing
I shred my memories
To no longer think
Down the bottomless pit
Sink dignity sink

What story is there to tell?
God taught his children to hate
Onwards my journey to hell
What was my fatal mistake?
A liberty that will never acquit,
Eating me up bit by bit
Something I came to depend on
Once adored, but now gone

Don't fear the frown
From the tongue-washed disdain
Don't hear the slander
When no one remains
Don't wear no crown
When they shout your name
Don't carry the burden
Don't suffer the blame

When every side is met
...To no purpose,
For a consciousness in debt
How I hung upon these thoughts
Of a flawed life's rightful duel,
To encounter what come may
And forever suffer through...

One's own beating heart
Forced to separate
From the one you love
...And ever so desperate
For a fresh start
No virtue paid to solve regret
...All but wishes, but nothing yet

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