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Aphelion Void - text


Fractions of entireties are borrowed
In infatuation of a valued norm
Those backward steps through
Dire doors
An attempt to reach some imagined form
In the twinkle of my perpetual ruin
Where life offers no hope

Just the silence of ghosts
All numb with failed regret
From a virus to a host
My only joy is to forget

Smothered by spiral repetition
Trapped to endure another day
Over and over until collision
And doubt offers new beginnings
I linger inside my death (and re-birth)
Smothered by spiral repetition
Trapped to endure another day

Aching limbs escape the earth
From eager to unwilling
In a fragile fleeting moment
But larger still,
Than all of deception

Our heavens are empty
Absence through a broken promise
We disassemble god in dead
Rotting thoughts
And reassemble him through
The birth of flesh
When clarity coils the twilight
Willing hands crack the
Structured fixtures
For no symbol is for free
Say the created
That became the creator

This house we forever built
A comfort in our own demise
Unfolding through self-given guilt
Sinking us deeper in disguise

Awaiting relief from all choices
Like a diseased ancestral transmission
We imitate....
Taught how to hide
But not to listen
Until words come
Ripping mouths open
Can you handle the hunger
When fear favours the broken
The conscious you erased by younger

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