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Here I was in a distant vision see me come
see me come like a wolf in the wind
to tear this world apart

See me in the gate
in another mirror
laying far above the surface
and from here I come
the vanishing of mercy

See me come
like a wolf in the wind
with the whine of my star
reflect your shape
and your one with the pain
for in my sword
I hide the thruth

See me come
a demon in the storm
pissing on your dreams

Armageddon builds a newborn dimension
for kings and angel slaves

This sun wakened
your time has come
total destruction

The sword is grinded

Angel death
I said to myself
can you memorize
come home with the eyes
where you draw your thorn
to the lords above
make sure they are ready
dead already
ignorant fools

The sword is grinded

Angel death


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