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Anorexic Dysphoria ( An Elegy For The Brainle.. - text

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Verse I
Possessed by myself
I feel the weight of the world
Inside my belly and my mind
but there´s no food inside
Verse II
I could not imagine your intentions
because you were my friend
and when I realized
I had no self confidence to react
I feel so anxious
I can´t control my thoughts
This is the true Battlefield
this dysphoria made me lost
my peace and my will to live!
This is an Elegy
for the Brainless of this world
betraying friendship
destroying the kindness and the innocence
I feel so sorry cause in the end
you have no one to trust!
Verse III
The Flames of Revenge
once lived in my heart
An Oath of Death I made
I felt so angry and betrayed!
Verse IV
You don´t know
how much this feeling still haunts me
I broke up with her
I left the path opened
Verse V
I tortured myself
wishing come back in time
to fight against this
Anorexic Dysphoria
Verse VI
You destroyed
a feeling pure in my heart
for you it was a trophy but
for me she meant much more than that!
Verse VII
And Life shall be the one
to judge your mistakes
I died and found my value
you will be the one to carry this sin
The Oath of Death is broken!
Verse VIII
Star are shining in the horizon
I will finally find my peace
the Broom is broken and that still hurts my heart
But I will cut the strings of the Puppet of Revenge
"A Puppet of Revenge is Free!"

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