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React or Recede - text


Control room of block 4 full with nervous engineers
preparing safty test, deactivating A.C.S. (automatic control system)
chief engineer demands a 200 MW performance
contrary to regulations, 700 MW is the low limit

submissive the - nuclear energy
the rank defeats - the sanity

water-level in the steam separator is too low
grave descision: reactor is shutting down
below - tax sticks removed - reactor reboot

stupidities disguised as orders
the logic doesn't do any resistance

test will be executed
flash point inside the core
emergency shutdown
pressure tubes explode, blackout complete
a second explotion instant
the shock wave pulverizes all boundaries
risk is just a theory, power is our leality

700tons radioactive graphite spread out in the factory
50tons atomic fuel blown into the sphere, gases pour out
radioactive shine makes sourvivors burning inwardly
walls of concrete buckle like rubber, ereased stability

no lights, dust and darkness
skinning steam and a cruel hissing sound
burnt malformed, ablaze humans
recognizing themselves just by voice
common in dying, bounded by acid
acute radiate illness

the final sight of the stars
shining in the black night
through the broken ceiling

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Plutonium Heaven

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