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Harvesting hope in a world for the hopeless ones
Man wipeout his own race no reason remorse
Obey to the system an outcast in life
Shredded the whole cosmos of human resource
Anachronistic chaos, a maelstrom of lies
Welcome to a world where we're facing the truth
Omnipresent sorrow is left for all kind
Impotent paradise and all illusions shall perish
No time in this area
Phenomenon rise-the zone expand
Only dead land areas of altered physics
Pulsing anomalies environment distortion
Varying frequency pulsing anomalies proximity warning
Endless formlessness symbiosis perfection
Proximity warning, varying frequency
No thinking forward of no tomorrow
Welcome to a world of mutated sorrow
Cover the brave
Omnipresent radiation
Dig out the grave
For your God's creation
Nothing remains
Change your world
Bring it all to an end
Whats left is ours
Concept masturbation
There is just the irrelevance of existence
A single period- the human lifetime
Bring life into your dead soul
Harvesting hope in a world for the hopeless
The salvation
Maelstrom of lies
Restless utopia
Breakdown awaits
The end has come
Fathers dead son- the end has come
Humans are down- remove the sham crown
Circle- circle of pointlessness
Humans chasing their dreams
Erased by reality
Facing- facing the truth

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