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Ionosphere - text


End of all
Layers of wave reflection
In the shadow of its origin
Blast furnace of sun
Forge of electrons in the
Outer shell of atoms
Positive charge excess
Erased adversed electrons floating detached
Global charge transported
Conduction of cosmic tension
Block 4 - artificial radiation source
The human failure

Effigy of clean energy and its reputation - has been led to
Memorial of the doomed
Uprising radiation
Out of the earth extraction point
Is charging the spheres
The reactor - exit core - devastation site
Increased amount in the circulation
Radioactivity is been reflected back to earth
Catastrophic unnoticed impact - giant energy slingshot
Provided to the crown of creation through alimentation and
Entrance to the human weakness decomposing fundament

Ionosphere - horrid eruption flare
Moving ground poles - friggering earthquakes
Perish all living - ridding the decline
Global negation - end of the line

Vaporizing the dim aurora of life
Transient phenomena - fade out of earth
Complete blackout

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