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Chaos Cascade - text


Drop the bomb
In the habitats of the species
Coastal aquacultures
Infested in a split second
Our base of staple food
Reduced to waste
Life dump
Genotype disposal site

One more time that you lie to my face
Ocean currents are diluting the risk
Pseudoscience confidence

One more time that you lie to my face
Once again insulting my intelligence
Gather around at a fireplace
Where we roast all fate and competence

Significant differences in the results unproclaimed
Independent measurements impeded by government
For threat reduction proclaim dilution
Conceal the flipside: large-scale distribution

Health propaganda - human agenda
Deceived mind unable - to convince organism
Decreased density
Increased mortality
Inseminated oceans

Radioactively contaminated creatures
Distortion of your statements

Sky - under open sky
Store the fuel rods
Unsealed holding basins
Several meltdowns

Continuous fuel chain reaction
Under constant release of neutrons

Significant (...)

What man created
Worldwide distribution
The primate human
As final consument

Final consequence
Nuclear inventory can't be wiped out
Like in Chernobyl with graphite fire
Radioactive iodine, caesium and strontium
Access to the biosphere - values know no limits
Consequences for all existence

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Cytotoxin texty

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