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Kindly Bent to Free Us - text


Kindly bent to free us,
A heart-to-heart farewell,
My armor begins to rust,
It forms the scrapyard gates to hell.

Trapped in ice.
Absorbed into a fossil site.

My cheek cells traced to an ancient human figure.

Kindly bent to free us,
The joy, the sorrow, and the pain.
Life returns to mother dust,
Abroad we sail to sink one day.

Beyond mere blood lineage or self-transcending simian.
I arise to taste the dawn and find that love will shine on.

Beyond rationality.
The one solution to turn my head and imitate.

The sun.
The one who's always been,
Has seen much worse than this projection.

Kindly bent to free.
Kindly bent to free us.
Kindly bent.
Kindly bent to free us.
Kindly bent.
Kindly bent to free us.

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