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Denaturalizing Leaders - text

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What happened to honesty
What the hell's happened to truth?
An adverse turn in leadership's ways
A negative procession delaying our truce
What's happening to the people
Or the body of politics?
All for the crown, just for an addiction
Money, power, they need a fix
Life's drastically changing with time
There were times when our worlds looked brighter
When we had thrived on the quotes
"No false propositions, no need for liars"
[lead: Paul]
Polished specimens to rule us all
An image to portray that fools majority
Ancient atmosphere, do we recall
In which was worth trustworthy custody
Why ask what they are for?
Attempts to tell us about their gimmick is so damn absurd
Let's insurrect their rulership - eliminate their goals
Put their claims of confidence into segregated rows
Facing their false selves
Denaturalizing leaders!!!

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