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I know we're growing far apart inside
I know the next words that you speak will be a lie
I've waited, just wanted, needed for you to leave
The games that you play, I just cannot believe

These feelings inside me I can't make go away
It feels I'm living through a new Hell every day
And your heart must be fake,
I don't think you can feel
The way that you treat me,
This pain can not be real

I feel inside, I feel as if I have died
You told me you were real,
If that's true, why can't you feel?

Your skin is synthetic
Your heart is made of plastic
Every day I regret it
I wish that I could just get past it

Synthetic - You're not real
Synthetic - Why must I feel?
Synthetic - You're plastic
Synthetic - Please just go away!
Please just go away! (Please just go away)

[Bridge (whispered)]...
And now I realize, I see through synthetic eyes
I now know you were real,
And I'm the one who can't feel

Synthetic - I'm not real
Synthetic - Why can't I feel?
Synthetic - I'm plastic
Synthetic - I feel so far away!
I feel so far away! (I feel so far away)

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