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Imagination Lies - text


Begin - Step inside,
And I'll take you to a place that's deep within
Behind my eyes,
To the darkest place deep in my mind
The things I see are starting to take a toll on me

I'm scared - Before too long,
I won't understand what's right or wrong
In here, I'm trapped all alone with all my fear
Look in my eyes and see if you can save me,
From the deepest darkest place in my mind

[Chorus 1]
In my mind - My eyes
The places I dont wanna be
Inside my mind - My eyes
The places I dont wanna be

Can I be saved so I can live another day,
Without these thoughts,
That keep me trapped inside this box?
I want to feel, that part of me is warm and real
So find a way to get inside,
And set me free from my mind

[Chorus 1]...
[Chorus 2]:
Imagination lies - My mind in overdrive
To see what I can see - To feel that I'm alive
Can you please set me free?
These thoughts are killing me
Playing behind my eyes, the pain inside me
-(repeat Chorus 2)-

It's time to clear these thoughts,
That cloud my mind - To break these chains,
That make me live with so much pain
To feel again that I am not my only friend
To know inside that I no longer wish to die
To be the person that I used to be
Before the lies that made me hide away,
In the deepest darkest place in my mind

[Chorus 1 (x2)] / [Chorus 2 (x2)]

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