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Escape The Violence - text


Open up your eyes & look around, see all -
the things that are dragging this world down
We're being fed from an image on the screen,
and everyone conforms to what they've seen

[Chorus 1]
I don't wanna slight you - I don't wanna cry now
I don't wanna spite you - I don't wanna lie now
I don't wanna fight you - I don't wanna die now
I don't wanna live my life this way...
I just wanna forgive, and I wanna forget
I don't wanna have a life of regret
I just wanna be young, and I wanna have fun
I just wanna live another day...

[Chorus 2]
Life seems to be so intense
Everybody will face the consequence
Shut down and left in silence
Time is now to escape the violence...
Everybody is stripped of innocence
Blind, numb, and full of ignorance
Would it be so bad to take a chance?
Why not escape the violence?...

Self love has spilled into hate
Social order has begun to dissipate
Wars rage at home and far away
Life's soiled and tangled in disarray

[Chorus 1] / [Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1] / [Chorus 2]...
...(Escape the violence)
...(Escape the violence, now)

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