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I see you look at me that way
Your body tells me that it's time to play
Drag your nails across my skin
Our lust and passion giving in to every sin

On the bed legs are spread,
Now our bodies collide
Feel the grip of your thighs,
As they pull me inside
Taste your lips grab your hips,
As your starting to grind
I realize this is all inside my mind

Every time I see you on the screen
I wonder if you're really what you seem
Living inside my imagination
Wanting (Feeling) Wishing (Needing)
Every sensation... (Fuck me... Suck me...)

Electro-sex - I want more
Feeding my mind - Electro-whore (repeat)

Now it's time to have some fun,
As our bodies become one
When I look into the screen,
I never want to wake up from this dream
-(Feel... lust... scent... touch...)-


-(Want, feel, need, lust)-
-(Sight, scent, taste, touch)-
-(Want, feel, need, lust, taste, touch)-
[Chorus] ...[Electro-sex (repeated to fade)]

Text přidala Heriel

Project Assimilation

Cynergy 67 texty

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