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(Verse 1: Akin)
Life in the air, embrace sobriety
Me reborn now face society
You know light bills and emotions
New nigger new day going through the motions
Float I’m Elian when I spit that
Boombox pimp shit meet Transatlantic rap
Hop skip or jump to the future now
We're still stuck in time being's fight evolution bound
Land come down went too high
Broke trophy wife on the shelf sing true lies
Listen listen now ain’t the time for it
You’ll be on my dick when the press give me crown for it
Or maybe when I get a fast car
Only if she knew that my aim is not to be a
I shot my ego a while back pronounced dead on the scene now a nigga write facts
I shot my ego a while back pronounced dead on the scene now a nigga write facts
And ya’ll indulge and swallow it
Lint in my gap pocket yet I got a following
Wide-eyed imagination
Real time nirvana like micstand adjacent like
Wide-eyed imagination
Real time nirvana like micstand adjacent like
To free speech when you wanna
Throw self in the wind with a thug primadonna
Dance cause we both share the same stage
Monkey in your state zoo locked by a gold chain
Break a getaway or runaway from my beloved city growing old
But I stay young and fresh
Radiant in the moonlight
My old school is Disco Rick and Magic Mike
Your mama’s on crack rock
Remember them dogs
Now we hail the snowman that’s melting in fog
Its crazy I still love her hugs when I see her
She gave me power to tower Christ the redeemer
Not in Rio but for real wanna build
Something more than rhymes let words turn to real
Let words turn to reel
So you can see the many me
Diaspora how can it be
Life death sanity
Kennedy that magic bullet ended he
Can it be
Shit was meant to be

(Verse 2: Cise Star)
Surrounded by automatons
Watching life flicker like a movie screen
Who am I to ever judge
Living life to the fullest
Maybe its all just illusion real truth in projectors
Will money make my life better
Fuck the cliché rags to riches
Real hurt brings hard stitches
Things never change son
So I’m gonna change how I live my life
Shine like a full moon
People hear the shine as it cuts through the full view
Everybody wants to be a movie star
But is it possible, is it probable
To prove you exist is to have an observer
If nobody wants to hear you
Do you change your tune to something that they consider worthy
And if you do are you still you
Or out of tune fabricated to the point you are a synthesizer
Fuck the truth I want the inner peace
Because the truth is objective depends on who you ask
So I’m gonna live by my inner code and pray to God that I make it home
Pay it forward
I’m gonna walk on my chosen path and let the world kiss my black ass
Do you see it
Heal the earth and let the children grow
So maybe one day we’ll all know
God is love

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Pretty Dark Things

Cyne texty

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