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Radiant Cool Boy - text


(Verse 1: Akin)
React, in fact we soar on a higher plane
Me black, me rap, me craft to go against fame
They hear they fear they're preying on some dumb lame
The sheep they sleep they keep on igniting flames
We are human but are we really cuz
The kids want the sex drugs rock n' roll Vice buzz
I’m among that voice for sale
Revolution byproduct exploit the feel
Speak your mind boy keep it real
And that’s me in a gang of stars that chase mass appeal
Def Jam, Interscope validate my skill
B-boys, whiteboys validate my will
Gimme 10 mics please it better be a meal ticket out of misery
Yet I write dark still
We only great by default
So what does that mean
To bring about change I came, a beauty extreme
Quote from Dave Chappelle fare well in
Lost episodes dreaming of Africa in march lock and reload
The green dot and oh shout to femi its free nights and weekends
That's spent with the Henny no more of that though
I’m out for the cash flow slay hypocrites white elites are straight assholes
Stare in the sun then eventually blind
Grind in the night in the event we shine
Light in the sky with your name it reads
It's Pretty Dark Things baby get acquainted begin

(Verse 2: Cise Star)
He panics at the disco
20/20 with Cisco
Yelled at the sheriff and cut a fool at the bistro
It’s minimal Ikea nice music of the cosmos
Miami life prices went clubbing with Donnie Darko
Automaton Apollo a fashionista gestapo
Vice mag reader who thinks he’s cool apostle
Radiant like aliens a funky homosapien
Used to rock a trucker hat with belt buckle dangerous
Fuck that rap shit black people are classic
Uber white boys disdain the name cracker
But want to use nigger as if fashion allows it
You better stay quiet or the riot about to happen blow
Radiant cool boy hipster and a scenester
Nothing ever sacred so say something and mean it
Everything can be reduced to clever little stickers
But you better watch yourself if you slip and call me nigger
This is this is my testament to
Those who make light of real pain and issue
Radiant cool boy nothing ever sacred
Stand for nothing
But criticize everything

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Pretty Dark Things

Cyne texty

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