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Pianos On Fire - text


(Intro: Akin)
West Africa Santa Maria
Benin bronze art white man fromBahia
Murder my God whats the big idea
Truth in hip hop the reason why I’m here
Yeah While they all say USA help me help me help me help me

(Verse 1: Akin)
Out of that jungle black rose came up
To the point where the sunset step your fame up
Freeze if you can catch a glimpse of the child
8 years old scolded ran many miles
Ape man story gory man go wild
Sweet sixteen dreams I gamble now
Found hate in souls like slaves on boats
Fighting paid gringos
Now look here we go it's time
It's time to bring back the rhyme
We gotta take the city under siege let’s go

(Verse 2: Akin)
Their hip hop is just zoo
Full of monkeys
I run through jungle
Speak rap kung fu
Chopping heads off black belt advocate
Ying Yang Twins pick cotton still imagine it
Niggas rap, dance snap for the dollar
Exhibit A,B, C me in Ramallah
Cause the war is on I gotta choose sides
Kramer’s got the blues like all niggers die
Said the wars on I gotta choose sides
Kramer’s got the blues like all niggers die
Y’all do relate
Still hip hop would do me great
A song struggle long shuffle ask Eubie Blake
Peace to Lafayette County, rise above the levee
Pianos on Fire, get ready

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