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Never Forget Pluto - text


(Verse 1: Cise Star)
Remember Pluto
Once a planet but now a pseudo
Funny how information changes the facts that you know
Everything is relative how you see it is evidence
That nothing’s forever but never forget heaven
Because hell is all around
Yelling into the crowd
A trumpet will sound
With a sound louder than live rounds
Shot into the air with the angst of broke blokes
With no hope wishing on a star that God’s close
Give me a witness
Or a camera phone with pictures
Of Michael Richards
Calling all of my people niggers
So does it shock you
That this mission is still impossible
Apology not accepted but
Hey Kramer I’m proud of you
For showing the world that we still in this shit
And everyday is a struggle with people acting like this
So stand up
It was the smallest on the list but
Pluto was a planet and
I’ll never forget

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