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Money Parade - text


It was all about sweet 16, innocence lost
Lost, fallen for Kelly, blonde chick and I thought
I thought money was god and Rome was built in a day
As they salute the troops floating on the money parade

Let's say it:
Be all you can be. Be black, be white, be proud, be free
Get money, get yours. Get a girl, get a wife. That's love. I'm poor
Find god right now. Go to church. Go to work. Clock in. I'm down
Nigga, pay your bills
But I can't do shit. Because I ain't got money in my pockets
When I get that fucking check from this bullshit ass job that I got. Yo

Sweet 16, heroes and all
They try, eight die, fighting fear for a cause, they march
Eight soldiers with a thirst for blood
Front lines. Land mines. Took two as they fall. It's war
Four glooms all in unison the same
Fuck bells. They yell. Let liberty reign
And then when two shots rang in to save the day--
Kill Jill, kill Bill in the money parade

Drink deep, roaming the land
Hope floats but nothing obtained
I don't see any love in your eyes
Just pretence defence, a well of lies

Fuck you! Never stood up for nothing
Pillar of ignorance, toppled on spires of selflessness
Die, fools, die! Nothing can ever live
Plastic is policy. Poison punch for kids
Can you hear me out?

Tired of bullshit, so tired of bullets, and
Tired of blood on my hands.Tired of superman
Tired of fangs hiding behind smiles
And tired of white people. And tired of niggas too

Beautiful murderer in the sky
Please bless us with open eyes
Sorrow, tomorrow lies
We'll be redeemed

Fire in the hole, as we run on coal
Silver and gold, exchanged for the soul
Do what you're told. Don't do what you feel
Wheat, dairy, textiles, steel
Middle East and Africa
Watch your back, because we're after ya
Money parade for money to take
Money that's spent from money that's made
In the end, it's the bottom line
Suck it up and you quit that crime
Work to the bone. Don't sleep. No kids
Grab that check and spend that bitch
We need cops so you pay that tax
Who needs god? We got equifax
Who needs god? We got equifax
Hello, progress. Fade to black

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