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Fuzzy Logic - text


[Verse 1: Cise Starr]

Look at this, someone to let in the light through
Who is you? An apparition of real news (real news)
Just give me a frame and place me on the wall
Aren't we all just an idea drawn to downfall
I and I exist but do you really see?
What I really am or just what I project to be
Maybe both at once or nothing after all
Higher laws govern the physical but the choice is ours
A love supreme fabricated the world?
Or the chicken and the egg appear from nothing I observe?
Who's on first? Intelligence or knowledge?
Are we really smarter than our forefathers or just harder?
So what are you? A man, monkey, or sinner?
Product of evolution or dust of God's finger
Many labels are bound to fire wars
And layers adjacent to being right
A just because

[Verse 2]
So what are you a thug, nerd, or player?
Dope boy? A rapper? Hood nigga? A fan of NASCAR?
Anorexic chick to fat slob
Lazy motherfucker to a dictator who runs it all
We all connected with imperfections
Where I ends you begin so let's join the guest list
We wish for better like broken beggars in a love vendetta
Wit hurts so we curse together (go on)
You offered me we rose from seas and conquered trees
And now upright we be (uh-huh)
And on the flip side if you believe we made from heat
And seven knew we fell to our knees (amen)
From listening to snakes
This is the human race
And I love you baby for real, we some David apes
And not for shoes, but I won't refuse a free pair
Live ain't no crystal stair
It goes (it goes) it goes (it goes) it goes

[Verse 3]
Too cool for school we made you lose
Paid your dues it don't matter yes you're screwed in this
Bullshit honey life for dummies the rich the slum
And the pickle in my thumbs is scumming so duck
Get it together, man, like seams in good leather
Nigga we so blind and so cold the lord knows
Young and dumb stereo blasting catching the fireflies
With race faced disaster yelling go
Fire wars are bound to hurt us over easy
Believe me, there is no rest for the needy (uh-uh)
Hedgehog dilemma, hell yeah my nigga
The closer we get the more we want to point fingers
Dance to the sun and gaze at the moon
Cause all of God's children got travelling shoes
Dance at the sun and gaze to the moon
Cause all of God's children got travelling shoes

[Verse 4]
Development arested, living so hectic
Every minute fuzzy so the day's so restless
Can't complicate it reality suspended
You laughing at the kid but the boy stay gifted
Clash of the titans
A hero and a misfit
Everyday is shawshank redemption
Married to addiction
Chained like a slave to the fixes
One more hit and bear witness

Humans cannot create from nothingness
Humans cannot accomplish anything without holding on to something
Humans are not gods

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