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Cise (Ape Schooled) - text


I am the hammerhead
Sabrewolf tiger sitting in human form
Writing cuneiform
My hieroglyphics are lyrics born
David Lynnch mixed with Kubrick
My style Picasso
Michelangelo angles formed apostle
A man on fire
Sipping on warm water
With a gin chaser
Now it's your turn, but yet you falter, yes
I breathe on Mars
And walk through walls, defy
Gravity's laws
When I float beyond, my nigga
The reason of us
The metal will rust
Gears break and bust
Nothing is forever but dust, it is
Leave me alone
My anger is slow
Burning like a smoldering flame
Pain letting my know I'm

Cise (x4)

A devil dragon in this ice palace
I write malice
Sipping out of a chalice
The hennessy jazz magic love
Hypnotic, erotic
A powerful drug
Crip the wings with the beautiful slug
Fall to earth, power
The last king with the heavy brow
My radiance surround sound
Amplify me till I'm loud, scream
These are a few of my favorite things
Watch your back when I gangsta lean
Get on my level nigga
Dark shadows
On the rhyme battle
I see you grip that ice cross
When I bear them fangs at you
A pied piper and a vampire
A werewolf at full moon
Turn it out by the bonfire
Say it again
Original sin
New rims on the 89 benz
That shit is dope, boy
Candy whips on Mandy's lips
Put a diamond in a hershey kiss
That shit is dope, boy

Cise (x4)

No need for long
Cause sometimes I bleed in the song
Holy water poured on the stigmata
I'm gone
Snake in the grass
I see you, but I humbly laugh
You try to bruise my heel
But I slap away with my staff, believe
Living life through a series of dreams
Poetic words bust reality seams
That shit is dope, boy
Close your eyes for the sweet release
Take my hand, honey
Journey with me
Follow me back, now
Smoke and mirrors
Voodoo and rhythm
Come see where the sidewalk ends
Open your eyes, slowly
Scorpions talks
And owls they watch
Push your man on the corner with love
Get on my level nigga

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