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Five times fast is a test
Cause you can’t say it
Seems like i really missed out
On ‘stay right where you are'
And why would i want the silence
Of long walks?
I thought i’d give them a shot
I’m a little better than that

Turn out all of the lights
I like it real slow
Eyes set it apart
My mom won’t ever know
Why i’m so hot on the mic like my father
If i could sing i’d be signed but i ain’t blessed at it all

Baby it’s the time to be full, kiss me till the days i am gone
You got a lot on my hands, can you feel them falling?
I’m like a daughter of four, a quarter of all the rest
And no, sad songs aren’t the best
You're cherry red in the face, thats how i like you the best

Text přidala AdwellKa


Cyberbully Mom Club texty

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