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Charon's Call - text


I see you standing there, like a painting
When I realize you´re not here heart starts aching
Some time, somehow, somewhere I´ll find a way to carry on
But now I feel just pain and fear, oh god what have I done

What can I do - I cry
Cannot live, cannot die

A promise it´s forever - just a lie
(we) said we stay together - just a lie
some time, somehow, somewhere I have to find a life without you
but memories can´t disappear, you know that I still love you

What can I do - I cry
All I have to do, is to say good bye

Deliver me (let me) out of your heart
I don´t wanna be always a part of you
I can´t endure more sorrow and lies
Deliver me, I pay the price of love

Time is passing by - I´m still alive
My tears for you are dry but it still hurts
Maybe you feel now like I felt, you see me in your dreams
You´re in my arms, you hold me tight but it´s not like it seems

You awake - you cry
Yes, remember that I said good bye

Deliver me..

We know some time we´re ready to start again
In another time, another life

Solo, 2 x Ref.

Text přidal paja65

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