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A glorious truth awaits as we're guided towards the sky.
Projecting through the clouds, I become one with time.
Show me how, show me why.
Show me how we came to b.
I search for the answers the I will never see.
Take me away, far from this place.
Where my life could be meant for more...For something great.
But as of now, we will never find.
What, what it is we seek...
What we seek.
Like a sculptor to his creation, we must use our imagination.
Ready to guide my way
Ready to guide my way
And this is where I've been left to be, on a barren road..
That doesn't end.
I am ready to leave this all behind.
Let me see..
Please let me see.
I am ready to leave this all behind.
Let me see..
What is my purpose, what do you want of me?
Show me a sign
Show me a way
Show me who I am meant to be
Let me see.

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