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Life // Lost - text


The rain fell harder that night
I drove home alone in July.
I couldn't tell between the rain or the tears in my eyes.
It was all a blur as I realized
I saw your face, I saw your smile,
I lost control of the wheel ‘til my knuckles bled.

I’m calling out your name but no one heard me scream,
“God please save me.”
Cause I don’t want to fall,
And I can’t take anymore.

The tree around the bend
Was calling out my name,
Like branches to hands begging to take me away.
But I ran and always looked back.
I always looked back.
I always fucking looked back.

I often think of the night
I drove home alone,
Swerving back and forth
Down the street from home.
Some nights I wish I hit that tree
So death could take me away and finally go to sleep.
So finally go to sleep.

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