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Derelict (Feat. Matthew Youkhana of Devastato.. - text



Everyday was exactly the same, I was alone in my thoughts as everyone pushed me away.
I cried out for help, but no one cared at all.
It’s not for attention; it’s not for a trend.
Can someone tell me: will it ever end?

I can’t take anymore it’s too hard to fucking ignore.
Four years a coward but nothing has changed.
Give me the chance and I would spit in your fucking face.

Who the fuck do you think you are?
Making me believe I’m not the same as you want me to be.
I can’t take anymore.
I’m trying to escape forever, but my sanity is running short.
Someone save me cause I can’t break free.
Four years trapped inside these walls with no hope at all.

There’s no hope at all.
There’s no hope.
As the years have gone by,
Four years a coward I have realized.
You’re all fucking pathetic.
Take off your crowns and just fucking admit it.

Can’t you see where I am now?
Four years have passed and I’m living a dream.
But you’re still trapped in your cliques,
Embedded in bullshit.

I can’t fucking breathe.
Stop talking about what I really wanted to fucking achieve.
Mother, fuck what you think.
How do I compete with opinions?
A gat to your teeth, cock back, and I squeeze, bitch.
How do I succeed? Must suck being me.
Sucks being you tied up to a chair right now about to die with your heart full of greed.
Just listen to me. Yo, pull up bitch. You got advice to give when your life is shit?
You ain't wise living a lie. Envious mind, justify why in life you quit.
You’re miscarriage, misfire, frustrated man with heart full of fire, picking on the people with a dream to aspire.
Lights out, bitch. I’mma shine, be quiet.

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