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Abba Amma (Babylon Destroyer) - text


I wasn't sure
As the sky was toffee
Feeding birds
To the horses
Killing the clouds
And I cut off my face
And made skittles
With its theeth
I ate the graveyard whole
And holes open like candles becoming dogs
Well there are
Baked in pies and praying to die
I made them rise
From their pies
And married the moon
And killed my face
And threw its quincunx into space
The cats are like furry constellations
They lap up the Milky Way
Speak tongues with windows open
In the fabric skulls
We wear like bonnets
To cover up our empty eyes
Behind such emptied eyes
The everything bubbles and laughs
No empty sketch
But quite as vast as children's dreams
Who sleep outside of manmade cogs
No barking disturbs the sketch of (?) yet to come
Abba Amma (Babylon Destroyer)
King of dust I swept up
With pan and brush
In a rush whilst the berries explode

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