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Night, oh black night
The witch takes her sweet embrace
The darkest night, infernal night
The possessed bitch chants the spells
Satanic mantra of the damned
Draughts of blood and venom boil
Sigils radiate through planes
The altar draped in smoke of human fat
Human sacrifice for the hideous Lord
She's ready
The rats gather in circles
The voices in the shadows whispering:
- 'Drink blood'
Blood is the witches' nectar
The inverted crucifix starts gleaming
Infants' eyes burn with bright flame
in the ceremonial chalice
Awefully resounds the silent sonnet
of the crucified chastity
Thick smoke fills the dungeon
As the witch spits out all the shame
The clandestine gates open
The goat-like phantom descends
To answer the call
vibrating through infernal spheres
The goat-like phantom descends
Urged by the lecherous request of the hellbitch
Apparitions, ghouls and fiends!
Play the music of foul tones
while the bizarre spectacle
of lecherous obeisance to Hell goes on
May this night be washed down with the Devil's cum
Ecstatic moans of the witch
The voices in the shadows accompany
Mesmerizing beauty of the witch
kindles the beast
Sulphur melts the skin
The goat drinks the witch's cum
The claws shred her young flesh
Serpent tongue heightens unearthly pleasures
Heavens roar! Shake the walls
Midnight bells chime the damnation
The dogs did their howl
No one dares to come close
Sin is burning bright
The moon bleeds red
Atrocities triumph
Asceticism sacrificed
Mad bitch, by day put in the frames of ugliness
But nights are yours, clothing you in delights
Unravished by the christ's light
Your reward the blasphemy
Comes the damnation you sought
And sears your worm-full heart
Pierce the dagger into mankind's eye
Wrath feeds the flames
The ritual is complete
Morning breeze smothers the candles
Now she's floating in the fog
Black stinking fog
Now she sees beyond the veil
The world without end
Now she's floating above the graves
Ghouls praise her name

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Häxan, ...or Medieval Witchcraft and Infanticide...


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