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Only Jhonny Strange's part,correct di mistake or fill di gap

Palante palante
we gonna take our love to the top now
from monday to sunday
we kissin n huggin n lovin until the sun breaks

Now i am gonna be there be there for you

(spanish part right here) yow
im always gonna be there be there for you

Nah gi nah a care about dem
nah gi nah a damn about dem
be nah (?) di whole a dem you more than a friend
i'll be there til the end
(?) share a nah spend
anything that i haffi see a marchin again
imma stick to your heart
cuz bwaak from di staat
a been der a (?)soaoa(?) forget what u got
am a tek yuh abroad
neva fake (?)mericas(?)
cuz nothing on earth could eva brake my love

Nah all of my lovely ladies inna di place right about nah
Grab yuh man!
All a di man dem gwaan der for dem gyal seen
Sing along!
So can yuh hear my response?
Am always gonna be where ya want
So when ya need someone I'll be there I'll be there
I neva leave yuh alone
I cyaan make ya feel at home
Just let me be di one to be there and I'll be there

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