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Culcha we have and culcha we gonna burn
all we need a fi me chant as one
spread it inna europe all over da world
unity a fi me vibration
you know seh culcha we have and culcha we spread
all we need a fi me chant as one
move it up and bring it on same way

Never ever abuse a good friendship
always better if you know who you're with
cheese and cheddar less important if you have
a relation to trust in to put your heart in
without integrity there is no unity
without love and harmony
we won't move far you will see you will see

See so much hate inna di street everyday
so many people suffer and get done out there
just because some can't accept that in dem brain
love is di only thing that can protect us from all evil
we have to carry it with us everyday
show it inna di street and your life same way
all a di people gwaan give you back what you need
love is di only thing we need fi reach unity

U gotta learn u zum n zum i-t-y das steht für unity
klar nenn doch alles babylon doch dann bist ja du wie
diejenigen die uns belästigen die ewig gestrigen
die ihre meinung so schnell festlegen

All crew
ready fi come in as cant as one we gwaan make it
let go your prejudices and nah fake it
if da world asleep we need someone come wake it
teach bad mind conscious living is for me and you

Test it when u feel like havin' enuff energy
test and then u see if u the man u ought to be
think again and check yourself for brain activity
doublecheck philosophy of fightin' unity

When man have good advice then we take it
if we give someone a promise we nah break it
life is more than a party still we shake it on

Culcha sing song together
feel di vibration of peace and unity
come together inna ona harmony

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