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When we first met we always wanted to have sex
but now we just watch DVD boxsets
wasting time together, so that we're not alone.
When I say I love you I really mean "Don't leave me"
As long as you stay I don't care if you believe me
Let's deal with this companionship just to make things easy

Don't really know you
Only what you've shown me
Just let me own you
And you can own me
This is nothing more than a love affair with ourselves
Stick around for the sake of my mental health

We can pretend like we're happy, pretend like it's good
and other can envy our boundless love
we will laugh because we tricked them
we will laugh because we suck
endorphins are fading the rush has died down
and convenience and loneliness keeps both of us around
we will turn off our brains when the other makes a sound

World sees us as a pair
I don't really care
but you're my status
So I will keep you there
We'd run away for someone more attractive in our lives
but in the meantime we'll decorate each others sides

Love is fucking stupid and I hate you

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Video přidala IrogamiCZ

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