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I'm lost in strife, lies stand in my way
I'm filled with doubts
Torn and desperate is my heart
I crave to show who I really am inside

You see my smile - inside I'm crying
Tightly chained by wreaking havoc on my heart
I still myself pull all the strings of my life

Oh... Trapped alone behind the curtain of lies
Oh... Wings of innocence are broken - won't fly

I wear a mask, they think they know me
But it's not me, I just want to run away
I show them face they want to see, I survive

Feelings I must not show
My mind drowns in tears of sorrow
Maze of doubts sealed my fate
Caged by lies until my end

There are no tears, I feel no sadness
Where they have gone?
They are hiding deep inside
I try to act like all is fine - it's my fight

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Queen of the Witches

Crystal Viper texty

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