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Rise of the Witch Queen - text


Don't say you're sorry because it's too late
No more deadly tortures, no more killings, lies
There are no feelings you recall, just hate
Your blood is like a venom, so poisoned is your life

I rise from the fire!

I think I know how weird this is for you
Tonight you're alone, tonight you will lose
I am your nightmare, this night is your doom
You're on the other side now, the hunting has begun

I rise from the fire
In its flames you are gone
I rise from the fire
I'll rule forevermore

You forced me to reveal my evil side
My heart was pure and honest
You made me who I am!
Too late for regrets, what happened is done
I've got something for you: severe punishment!

You won't get any chance to repent
Malice and deceitfulness will seize your flimsy neck
Feel my resentment descent upon you
This is your bloomy nightmare, there ain't no return

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Video přidal DevilDan

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