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Out of the darkness is coming my strength
There's always someone who's watching my back
Perceptible only with my senses
I fear no evil, nor the liars' reigns
My best companions are demons and friends
They're like a touch of hidden dimensions
Illuminated, they come out of flames
And call my name...
Dreams of fire, night after night
Flaming, bursting, my peace of mind
Voices calling inside my head
Am I insane or maybe damned?
Dreams of fire...
When I want something, I don't need to tell
I make a gesture - You'll get it for me
You can't resist my powerful behests
There are no rivers that I couldn't cross
Of highest mountains I reach every top
Reality? Or I'm only dreaming?
I hear the howling, it happens again
They call my name...

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Queen of the Witches


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