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So good at bluffing are people all around
So terrifying, they try to break us down
They don't want to listen when I've got something to say

They are like tyrants, blind for the future finds
They say we're evil, with no right to survive
It's not too late
This is not over...

That's our price for being free
Burn, my fire. Burn!
War with wisdom? Let it be!
Burn, my fire. Burn!

Science - my armor, knowledge - my shiny knife
Courage - my anchor that keeps me still alive
One day they will listen to what we want to say

Our lives are tangled in their cruel, greedy lusts
They want to control and to possess our minds!
But for them it's too late
It's over!

Everything is coated with ice of their lies
There is still hope, so strong in our hearts
Don't lose it because the right moment will come
It will set our fire - don't let it die

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Queen of the Witches

Crystal Viper texty

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