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Angry as hell
Trying hard but still confused
What's that awful smell
The smell of fear a child abused
To tell a tale needs a listening ear
So why doesn't no one hear
Has the whole world simply disappeared
You know you're carrying
This burden of a misspent youth
You've lost yourself along the way
And the child's gone no turning back
Stand up and say what you feel
If you're a juvenile delinquent
To be misunderstood and be told that you've no good
God help us all if you're the x generation
Society is so afraid you're the black jack to be played
The x generation has begun
Lock them away throw away the key
With that kind of restraint then maybe
Maybe nothing they're not animals - locked up in a cage
It's time for listening that's clear here and now
Stand up and say what you feel...
To be misunderstood and be told that you've no good...

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Generation X


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